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Message from Kyoko Uto,

President of Uto Shinju Co., Ltd

“The wonders of nature”


“My wish is for women around the world to wear pearls and shine”.


Since we founded our company in 1968 we have specialised on pearl wholesaling business.


Our corporate philosophy is to love pearls and convey the charm of pearls to as many people as possible.


Pearls have individuality, each and every one of them, depending on the mother shells and environment that they are raised in and evoke a mysterious beauty and elegance.


This individuality and the warmth of feeling from rounded pearls make them fascinating. 


I wish to spread the charm of pearls, I would like the women of the world to wear such pearls full of charm, to sparkle even more beautiful.


Uto Shinju imagines the smiling face of a shining lady and proposes pearl jewellery as a stylish way of expressing herself from everyday use to special occasions.


In addition, our strength is to purchase directly from the origin, and to handle it consistently from manufacturing to sales at our company. This guarantees the level of quality and care needed for such precious wonders of nature.


Our pride and passion towards pearls also means you obtain our personal guarantee of quality, and make it possible to produce products upon customer's request and offer unique, original products. 


In order that pearls will be loved by more and more people, we will strive to deliver quality products that satisfy our customers.



Kyoko Uto


Uto Shinju Co., Ltd.

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